Top 3 Things I Did on “Dad’s Day Off”

What’s up Dads!

I’m feeling great after a too rare date night with the Mrs last night and an equally rare early morning trip to the gym this morning. Life is good!

Here are the Top Three Things I want to share with you about the last 24 hours when I got a break from Dadding:


1. Mission Impossible – choose to accept it

I love movies! I love good action. And yes, I am going to take a potentially unpopular view with some of you folks out there… I don’t hate Tom Cruise as an actor.

In my opinion, this franchise has been on a serious upswing since MI:2 and I think I enjoyed Ghost Protocol most of all. I had high hopes going into the movie.

And the verdict?

Another winner!

The cast was awesome. The stakes were appropriately high (come on, it’s supposed to be “impossible”).  The stunts were, impressive. (Although I have to admit, I winced at the jump that I know broke his ankle in real life.)

I hate spoilers so I’m going to be deliberately vague here … I think the call to fillout the cast with people we’ve met before in the franchise or were impacted by events in the previous movies was a great call.

I don’t know if they have got any more of these lined up in the future but if they do make another then they’ve got my money for sure.

Highly recommend going to see it on the big screen.


2. Getting the aggression out at the gym and not out at the kids is a good call.

I think any parent can relate to feeling a deep love for their kids and a deep desire to … Let’s say give them a piece of your mind.

Honestly, I have lost my cool at home and I’m not proud of that.

I go to the gym any chance I get…which is not nearly often enough these days.

The weight room lifts my mood and  fills me with energy. The pools and sauna relax me and give me time to do some thinking. It’s the best $6 investment I make and believe it makes me a better Dad temper-wise.

And it fights the contemptably named Dad Bod.

Sigh… The struggle is real.


3. Take every opportunity to invest in your marriage because it always pays off.

Right now our me and Mrs WAHD are scheduled right to the max. Some weeks we get a grand total of about 2 hours together most of which is spent driving or hurriedly eating.

Don’t be like us.

Except do schedule times like we did last night to spring for the babysitter (or willing family member) to do things you love together. Even if it isn’t in the budget.

Find a way to spend quality time or else you end up roommates instead of husband and wife. And I know from experience how much easier it is to lose it on a roommate than someone you’re actively in love with.


Hope you guys are having as awesome a day as I had!





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