Why “Dad-alanche”?

avalanche of leaves
Buried under a different kind of avalanche


Even the largest avalanche is triggered by small things. Vernor Vinge


This quote perfectly sums up life in my house. “Triggered by small things”…  My temper has to withstand a whole lot of triggering by 3 small things.  They test the hell out of my patience.

And I love them too.

They usually feel the same way about me.


Well… allow me to introduce my children:

B, C and L are pictured sitting on the couch calmly. Moments later, a fight for control of the tablet breaks out…


My name is J. I am “The Best Dad” and “Ugh…Boring” depending on which moment you ask my kids.

Life with kids aged 6, 4, and 2 is like living with a force of nature.  Unpredictable and destructive.

We live with Mrs-Write-At-Home-Dad near Vancouver BC.

Life is busy. Mrs. WAHD works full time nights in healthcare and I split my time working in an office and as a Stay At Home Dad roughly 50/50.

And now I want to blog. Guess that’s 50/50/50… My point is it’s busy.

Wah wah wah… I know, enough complaining. If you are a single parent or a stay at home parent then you are probably going through the same sorts of stresses. I have way more respect for you all out there than I did before staying home part time. This shit is hard.

So… Time for me to Dad up.

We’re off to the park. I’ve got a couple of hours before hitting the office and the swing sets are calling our names.


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