5 Reasons To Read This Dad Blog

My 2 oldest kids … and a sample of what happens if I leave my phone lying around.

Having children is like living in a frat house – nobody sleeps, everything’s broken, and there’s a lot of throwing up.
Ray Romano

  1. So I can remember the good times…there’ll be some of those soon, right? (Kidding…)
  2. So you can learn from my mistakes.
  3. So you can laugh at my mistakes.
  4. So I can laugh at learn from your mistakes.
  5. (For all my fellow BC Dads out there) To share ideas and reviews of local activities to keep the kids entertained.

If you are looking for professional “Dad-ding” advice, please look elsewhere!


I have no training in being a parent. I’m not a Jack of all trades,  I’m like a 9 of clubs at best.

And that’s at things I’m good at… being a Dad isn’t one of them yet.

But maybe we can help each other figure this out as we go.

So I hope as I write down my various misadventures that I can make you laugh and together we can figure this shit out on the fly.



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